Friday, July 27, 2012

My Friend is My Enemy

salam sejahtera...
salam 1 Malaysia...

Seorang sahabat adalah yang dapat mendengarkan lagu didalam hatimu dan akan menyanyikan kembali tatkala kau lupa akan bait-baitnya.

but, some friends didn't realize that their action actually make them your enemy.

as an example,

i have a friend.
he is a playboy.
i don't mind if he seduce any girls out there,
but i can't accept when he try to close with my girl.
yes.but bf mana yg x jeles kan bila gf nya "close" dgn buaya darat.

i have a friend.
he likes to "trip" girls.
his eyes just like a x-ray.
but i hate it if he looks to my girl.
why the because?
i think u also can think why.

i have a friend.
he is a smoker.
i don't smoke.
i'm a passive smoker.
everyday i will inhale the smoke from his cigarette.
i don't mind actually
because dah jd kbiasaan since i was in secondary school.

so, friends..hear me..
sometimes we can become friends.
but sometimes u will be my enemies.

*matahari dah naik d mcm mau hujan


  1. yeah!!! I like it,,,thats true... i dont like people like ggu gewek tmbah lgi tgok len2....


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